Meeting In Creative Commons Technology Summit

An informal meeting between the initial OSCRI members took place in the Creative Commons Summit celebrated on December 12, 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The assistants where Mike Linksvayer and Nathan Yegler from Creative Commons, Ben Adida from the Center for Research on Computation and Society at Harvard University, Joe Benso from Registered Commons, Robert Gaggin from the Copyright Clearance Center, and Juan Palacio, Mario Pena and Javier Prenafeta from Safe Creative.

The above members agreed on the needs of interoperability and standardisation between copyright registries as a key for promoting search tools for copyrighted works, creators and the correspondant licenses and their diffussion on Internet, as advanced in the Declaration of Intent.

OSCRI will work as a neutral and independent platform, initially with no defined structure. The interoperability will be accomplished in this phase defining a work ID and an API (application programming interface) that solves the consultations between the registries, as minimal technical requierements to show the basics of a work, rightholders and license.

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